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This will give you an idea of where a forest bathing walk can take you—lots of options. Services are always being update here and on the 'Book a Walk' link where some of the upcoming scheduled walks are noted—as are a few currently in development but
without specific dates just yet.
Please check back or contact me if you have interest
in a private walk that is not yet scheduled!


Enjoy a private guided forest bathing walk to allow you focus in on your needs for personal wellbeing. $75 per hour per person


You can book a private small-group (less than 12)  or large-group (13 and more) walk with Kate.
Walks can range in time from 1.5 to 4 hours. Contact her to discuss length and location options. 


Looking for a new way to inspire or connect with colleagues? Time in nature is shown to increase creativity and the forest bathing sequence offers a format that improves listening skills. Bring a question to the woods—perhaps something needing a creative solution—or invest in your employees' wellbeing with time immersed in the healing and rejuvenating atmosphere of nature.
Contact Kate for more information.  


Kate leads walks for families with children of all ages. 


Invite a group of friends to celebrate YOU on a private walk in the woods. Extended tea ceremony. Length can range from 2 to 4 hours. Contact Kate to discuss options.


Kate is glad to collaborate on creating walks for various organization, from nonprofits to recreation departments. Please contact her to discuss ideas. 

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