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Immersing oneself in the atmosphere of Nature to engage and activate all the senses, turn off the mind and just be—that is the forest bathing experience.


A forest bathing and nature connection walk offers you a series of experiential invitations, or prompts, designed by your guide Kate to help you open your senses and drop fully into the moment.

Each walk begins with a welcome and brief introduction to forest bathing, an overview of awarenesses on the trail and the sense of place. What follows includes a grounding and sense-opening meditation, a moving activation of the senses, and a series of nature-connection invitations or prompts, ranging from playful to quietly inquisitive. The type number of invitations varies with each walk, depending on what Nature offers us that day, as well as trail distance, time frame and other factors. A tea service closes the walk, helping you embody the experience and carry it with you back into daily life.

Walks range in length from 1.5 hours to 4 hours. A longer walk allows for a richer, extended experience. Walks proceed silently and very slowly—this is not a cardio hike!—often covering only a half-mile to a mile along fairly easy trails and terrain.


There is something magical about the winter woods, and magnifying about landscapes touched by gentle rains—thus, walks are year-round, in all kinds of weather save the extreme. Bring rain gear. Remember this nugget: There is no bad weather, just the wrong clothing. 

Wear comfortable clothing in layers. We will move at the pace of Nature—that of patience!—so wearing more clothing than you think you need is wise and recommended. We will sit on the ground, lean against trees and touch the water—wear clothing that can a bit dirty. Sturdy, comfortable footwear is a must. 

Trails are usually gentle—though some are moderately difficult—but do bring walking sticks and camp stools if they suit your ability to participate. Walkers must be able to amble with ease under their own foot power. 

Kate offers walks at various times and dates at several parks and locations around and outside Madison. Check back for regular updates. 


Walks can be shaped to suit most any size group, from solo or small-group private walks to larger groups or retreats private or public. Kate is glad to collaborate! Contact her discuss your interests and needs.

Forest Bathing Experience

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