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Essence: The basic nature of a thing.

I am super excited.

My friend Coach Jen Farley and I have only known each other for ... not even a year. (Thanks Cousin Mike for the intro!) I have to say that within about 10 minutes of our introductory Zoom chat, we knew we had important work to do together - helping people find greater wellbeing and, when you get right down to it, a deeper connection with themselves. So we thought about what to do, and voila! 'True Nature. True Self. Retreats.' was born.

Why? Here's a little nugget about that: Have you been thinking about the heart of your matters, feeling disconnected or wanting to dig more deeply into what makes you uniquely, intrinsically, you? Answers to those considerations can open the doors to a more fulfilling life and relationship with self. The True Nature. True Self Retreat. guides you on the path of inquiry, discovery, knowingness and re-connection with your authentic inner self.

Think of it as nurturing and growing your tap root, which holds power and energy to support the whole.

This retreat combines the practices of Life Coaching and Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing), which in tandem provide a rich and fertile opportunity to connect to your truest self, the essence of who you are -- your true, deep nature. Join us!

PS - This is us as we are.

Au Natural: Being in natural style or condition.

Kate Bast, Shinrin-Yoku Madison

Coach Jen Farley

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